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viernes, 7 de septiembre de 2007

Lost Without You...sin palabras...

Lost Without You

This video greeting card features 18 engaging wildlife and nature photos... each with an endearing message for your loved one, plus tranquil music. Surprise your partner with a delightful reminder of how you feel.

Hope for Wildlife... VIDA SALVAJE

Hope for Wildlife

A message of hope and inspiration for those who step forward for wildlife and wilderness.

Bear Cub Tumbling...buenísimo!!!

Bear Cub Tumbling

Count the number of times this cute grizzly bear cub tumbles down the hill. 6? 7? 8? 9?

Bear Cub vs Dirt Clod...qué enfrentamiento!!!

Bear Cub vs Dirt Clod

Cute grizzly bear cub discovers and runs off with his unlikely prize - a dirt clod!

Bear Cub vs Flowers - Ositos vs Flores

Bear Cub vs Flowers

Count the flowers this cute grizzly bear cub demolishes. 4? 5? 6? 7?

Bear Cub Wrestling Mom - Mama osa en la dura lucha!!!

Bear Cub Wrestling Mom

Look for the ultimate technique that wins this wrestling match between a lively grizzly bear cub and his mother.

3 ositos luchando y jugando!!!

3 Bear Cubs Wrestling

Watch cute grizzly bear tumble down a snow patch while his siblings wrestle.

Bear Cubs Wrestling in Snow - Los ositos cariñosos!!!

See these cute grizzly bear cubs swat and tumble in a snow patch.

2 Bear Cubs Wrestling - 2 ositos tierno...buenísiimo...

Enjoy 2 cute grizzly bear cubs as they chase, wrestle, swat and tumble.

Wolves vs Elk Bull...esta bueno hay que verlo...

Wolves vs Elk Bull

A pack of wolves singles out an elk with a broken antler, chases him, and finally takes him down in Yellowstone National Park in the winter of 2007. Amazing photos show the bull rising as a wolf dangles from his throat.